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This is the website of the Brighton Bruisers, A Roleplay community within the game Grand Theft Auto V. We are a new group within this world of Roleplay, however each of our moderators have 3-5 years worth of experience.

We Hope You Enjoy Your Stay! 
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3 days ago Captain Vito "Asino" DiSemone
Nigga we dead bro
26th Jan Boss Tommy Logan Jr.
I've heard a rumour going around that there'll be a drug plane landing in McKenzie airport soon. Apparently it's a shipment for the Vagos down is Los Santos.
I want that plane to go missing. There's a promotion in it.
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28th Jan Captain Vito "Asino" DiSemone
I have a question
What exactly are our territory where we operate
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28th Jan Louie Canicatti PC just joined our community, welcome!
28th Jan Vito Stracci P4 just joined our community, welcome!
26th Jan Enforcer Tony "Bullettooth" Andrews(ALL
im going to be on xbox today playing monster hunter world so wont be rping for a week or so might post some journals and ill still be on the site
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20th Jan Captain Vito "Asino" DiSemone
The Lost Gun Deal
Vito DiSemone
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25th Jan Enforcer Tony "Bullettooth" Andrews(ALL
just a bit of work for some friends
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