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Tommy's Barber Shop
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16th Jan 2018

Tommy's Barber Shop

In 1989 the now iconic "Tommy's Barber Shop" was known as "Jim's Hair". Jim was a good friend to Tommy Sr during the early days, taking the already notorious crimeboss under his wing and showing him the ropes of the Los Santos underworld. Tommy Sr learned how different things were in Los Santos campared to Brighton. He had found out the hard way that store owners weren't so easy to extort when a number of associates were chased out of a Korean restaurant by an angry owner weilding a shotgun.
Never one to let ego get in the way of business, Tommy Sr gave Jim the barber his ear.
By early 2000, Tommy Sr and the Brighton Bruisers had dominated the waterfront. All thanks to Mr Jimmy O'Hare. As a reward for his service, Logan bought Jim's building. Becoming his landlord and letting stay in the shop for free.
Jimmy O'Hare was killed in May 2006 in a drive-by shooting conducted by the Favignano crime family. He was the first of many to die in a war that crippled both sides of the conflict.
later in January 2007 the shop was reopened by a now retired Tommy Logan Sr. Logan is the current owner of the shop and it is a known meeting place for the Brighton Bruisers.

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Never doubt a man who sets his mind to building something where thousands of others have sought to destroy. - Tommy Logan Sr.

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